We have well-equipped wire net manufacturing at Karachi. We have wide sales points at Karachi. One electrostatic powder coating plant in operation to give the decorative finish to our products besides it. PVC for Chain link-fencing in Pakistan.


When it comes to using barbed wire to secure homes and property, it's important to start by asking yourself how extensive your security measures need to be. Standard barbed wire can be an effective deterrent in and of itself when installed at the top of a high fence built from less intimidating materials. In fact, few potential intruders will dare take it on. If your security needs can't be met by traditional barbed wire, however, then it's time to make the move up to razor wire or tape. Razor wire has the potential to cause serious injury to anybody trying to breach it, making it a very effective security solution that few trespassers would willingly test. Of course, it's probably a good idea to make sure you really need razor wire in the first place. Remember, this is the type of barbed wire that prisons and the military use, and its installation should never be taken lightly. Still, if you're looking for a security deterrent without rival, razor wire definitely takes the cake.


Barbed wire also known as barb wire less often bob wire. Barbed wire is a type of steel fencing wire constructed with sharp edges or points arranged at intervals along the strand. Uses of barbed wire: It is used for the safety atop walls surrounding secured property. It is used as shields and guards.


A Quality Product, Razor wire is punched of hot dipped galvanized strip. It is put on barbed wires and placed on top of walls/fence surrounding areas extensively used in many places live private house, office, factory, expressway etc. Chainlink Fencing: Fencing mesh is mainly used for highways, railways, airports, ports, wharves, municipal works and animal farms. Detail specifications can be produced according to clients request.


Galvanized iron Wire, Stainless Steel Wire & PVC Coated & Powder Coated Iron Mesh.


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